November 16, 2017

5 yr blog, day 1501

“What are you obsessed with right now?”

2016: getting better.
2015: nothing right now.
2014: crocheting.
2013: Thor and all the Avengers.

you would think in 2016 i would be obsessed with surviving.

i watched
Patton Oswalt: Annihilation and that show helped me to put things into perspective.

ashes and rising and fire

work is an uproar. things are going on and i don’t want to talk about them at this time.
i made a deal with the devil. i will say that.
i need to write. i need to put words on paper and sort things out that are floating around in my head. it’s the stress of work and bullshit and no time that clogs me up and only let’s me blog this small post.
everyone should go watch Patton Oswalt: Annihilation. it’s funny and it made me think on how i’ve been this year.
or, how this year been to me.
i forgot when, but i added tags to my blog for each year. 2013, 2014, 2015, are just tagged their year. 2016 is tagged “we don't talk about it”.
i tagged 2017 as “In the Year of Our Lord Bowie”. i also deemed this year as the year all cats are named after Bowie.
and with theses past few months, it’s all coming out how awful men are in high places, i know what i’m gonna tag 2018: “roar”
i think next year will be the year of woman. maybe the lesbian uprising will happen and we will throw out a good chuck of men out in the fire.
if life is a set of trilogies, 2016 was the year that broke us, 2017 was the year that tried us, 2018 will be our triumph. we will rise and take them all out.
we have to.

November 15, 2017

5 yr blog, day 1500

“Waking up was ___”

2016: ok.
2015: kinda nice.
2014: short and unfulfilled.
2013: pleasant.

i think this line is mostly filler.

i think a lot of these lines are mostly filler.

day 15

today is a Monday to a 5-day workweek. i will get overtime. fuck all of ya’ll.
i did see the twins last night and man, they are babies and they are coming in their own. Mutt will smile and Jeff has resting bitch face. she is moving and grooving in her bed and is almost rolling over!
i’ve decided to banish myself from McDonald’s for the time being. the food is not helping and the Wi-Fi sucks. it’s put a damper on me talking to Matthew but i hope we can work on this. staying at the store for lunch is, better? i can watch more of my shows and get crochet done.
i still need to write about Thor. the more i am away from that movie the more i can see it.
need to get shit going and head to work. wish me luck.

November 14, 2017

5 yr blog, day 1499

“What do you need to vent about?”

where have you been?
2016: *uncontrollably laughing about what all has been going on in the political year*
2015: nothing.
2014: work.
2013: work.

let’s focus on the very little good i have right now, during this time.

day 14

don’t want to write, need to write, if just for the numbers.
have yarn for new project. other project is going ok. we will see.
Punisher is coming out Friday. i am excited for that, if just to escape from this world, for a bit.
i need to start moving inches. i’m not even moving inches. i don’t know what’s wrong with me. going to go back to my vits and see if that improves life.
something, there’s something else i need to mark down but i don’t know what it is…

November 13, 2017

5 yr blog, day 1498

“What song could be your self-portrait?”

“Heroes” by Our Lord and Savior Bowie. it is the song i keep going back to, whenever i need help.
2016: “Heroes” by David Bowie?
2015: still have not found one.
2014: still have not found a song that would be me.
as for a theme song for the now, i don’t have one. went kinda dark where the songs of Buffy and Muppet’s Most Wanted got to me.
2013: i’m more about my theme song for the now. never thought of a self-portrait.
i really don’t know what would be a good self-portrait for me. any ideas?

i didn’t have a favorite Bowie song until he died. i kept going back to “Heroes” over and over. i must have missed the boat when it was declared that “Space Oddity” was THE Bowie song of his life.

to me, it’s the perfect love song. the lines “And you, you can be mean/And I, I'll drink all the time” and “I, I will be king/And you, you will be queen” i quote to my people all the time.