June 22, 2017

5 yr blog, day 1354

“What was the last movie you saw in a theater?”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with Colt and Matthew.
2016: Me Before You with Matthew.
2015: Avengers: Age of Ultron with my men: Colt, Matthew, and Jacob.
2014: X-Men: Days of Future Past with Colt and Matthew.

30 Days of Pride: Day 22

Share a picture of you and your best friend!

i don’t have a pic of all my friends and i don’t feel like posting a slew of pics.
i will name names!
Colt, Matthew, Nicole, and Shelby.

June 21, 2017

5 yr blog, day 1353

“Who do you want to know better?”

no one, right now.
2016: Jacob. he is so like no one i imagine having in my life it’s like some kind of experiment having him in my circle.
2015: this past year, i’ve been learning a lot about myself. i think i’m hitting new lvls.
2014: Colt.

30 Days of Pride: Day 21

How did you meet the last person you had feelings for?


June 20, 2017

5 yr blog, day 1352

“Write the first sentence of your autobiography.”

2016: Once upon a time…
2015: She was loved by many.
2014: She was a witch.

30 Days of Pride: Day 20

Share something you love about your significant other - or - how you’re making the most of being single.

after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, me, Colt, and Matthew went to Taco Bell. Matthew was going off on soothing or another and Colt txt me if he ever shut ups.
i txt Colt back that he doesn’t, and he paces and i love him for it.

June 19, 2017

5 yr blog, day 1351

“What was the last personal letter you received?”

Colt sent me a book.
2016: i get the random letter from Colt and Jacob.
2015: Colt and Shadow sent me a Valentine this year.
2014: like in the mail? 2006.
Colt did write me a goodbye letter before he left.

30 Days of Pride: Day 19

Share your favorite memory.

i’m not picking one. i pick anytime i’m with Colt and Matthew.

June 18, 2017

5 yr blog, day 1350

“What was the last meal someone cooked for you?”

2016: Mom.
2015: Mom made supper last night.
2014: Mom, today.

30 Days of Pride: Day 18

Name someone you know who inspires you and share why.

Colt and Nicole.
Colt because he gets to write. and most of my other projects are related to him.
Nicole, she’s who i want to be when i grow up.

June 17, 2017

5 yr blog, day 1349

“The best hour of today was___. Why?”

none really stick out.
2016: the time i spent with Jessica and Emily.
why? because i got to meet Emily and me and Jessica hashed out things.
2015: not an hour but my time walking was great.
why? fastest mile ever and just feeling great. it’s almost like meditating.
2014: the hour me and Mathew ate out. it was just awesome.

30 Days of Pride: Day 17

Share something you’d like to improve about yourself.


June 16, 2017

5 yr blog, day 1348

“What makes you cynical?”

the store.
2016: so with i’ve been saying.
2015: will go with last year’s answer.
2014: ok, so the definition of “cynical” on my Merriam-Webster Dictionary app is: “believing that people are generally selfish and dishonest.”
working at Wal-Mart and have the customers just lie to you, all day, every day.

30 Days of Pride: Day 16

Name your best quality.

right now i don’t feel like i have one.