July 26, 2013

hey ho eh

so the Lone Ranger. yeah.
i went in with some, hope. and left with no hope.
it wasn’t a good movie. it had most of the peeps from Pirates like that’s all they need to catch lighting in a bottle again. make Johnny Depp up all insane and it will work again!
i didn’t really get into the story; the “hero” was an ass the whole time.
and… i don’t know what all to write about it. it was just so, flat.
and some of the stunts were just unbelievable. the horse legs would have broken!
overall, this movie made me sad. i didn’t realized it till i came home and a few days later watching Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter was inspiring. it was insanity but i believed it and he made the Hatter so fresh and loving!
and the sadness, when was the last time i saw a Johnny Depp movie that left me inspired? looking on IMDB, it was Rango in 2011 and for live action, it was Alice in 2010.
3 years. i hope i don’t have to wait for another 3 years.

July 25, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“Relationships can be hard enough on their own...but adding a mix of religious views can make it even more of a challenge. Are you in an interfaith relationship? Do you know someone who is? How do they make it work?
If you're not in an interfaith relationship, what are your thoughts on it? Can they work, or do you think it would be too hard to find a happy middle ground?
Religion is something that is held close to the heart, so this can be a touch cookie to work through.

yes, i am in an interfaith relationship.
the bf is a… lapsed Christen. he is very much into my witchcraft. he had taken to buying me stuffed animals and making them gods of our own pantheon.

still here

so i haven’t wrote in a month. go me.
long story short: Matthew came up for a visit. Granny got sick. he came up for his birthday weekend, which was great because the family was away and we had the whole house to us.
we went to see Lone Ranger, which i need to write about unto itself. and we had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Bob, which was lovely.
Matt went back home early. which was good because Granny died Sunday morning.
so that Friday we buried her.
and yesterday Matt was able to see his therapist one more time (she’s retiring so he’s getting a new one and had his meds switch too!) and he’s better.
that’s all i have to say about that.

July 18, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“This is a very broad topic, but I'd really like to see what others think. What are your views on body modification? By this I mean any type of surgery or injection to change your appearance, piercings, brandings, tattoos... anything permanent. Do you think it is okay to do so? Or do you think that nature's natural design is best?”

i see this, every now and then, the whole “how magickal is your tattoo/piercing?”
if you want it to be magical, then let it be. if you are doing it to make yourself look better, then do it.
i have my ears pierced twice in both ears. i did it because i wanted to.
i do want my nose pierced, coz i’m a child of the ‘80’s and it calls to me.
i do want tattoos. because i want.

July 11, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

"Here in New England where I am from, over the last year we have had insane weather. Thunder and lightning, flooding rains, scorching hot summer days, snow storms that left us with 14+ inches of snow, tropical storms...I feel like we have seen it all over the past year or so.
During those times of extreme weather, do you have any magical things you do? During downpours/thunder/lightning storms do you collect this high vibration rain water for magical use? Do you collect snow for workings during the winter? On scorching hot days do you leave items outside in the sun to be charged? What do you do during times of extreme weather? I personally do all of these and more, and have found that harnessing the power of nature in extreme times can add a nice zap to any magical working. How about you?

i don’t.

July 4, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“What pets do you have? Do you now or have you ever felt that special familiar bond with a pet? How did it change your spiritual view or way of life?”

i had a wonderful dog growing up. his name was Jerry and no other dog will be as awesome as him.
and i miss having frogs. frogs are just fucking cool to have around.