January 31, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“It's that time of year again - The Sick is making the rounds, infecting anyone and everyone it can.

This week, share some of your favorite remedies. 
Prevention and/or treatment. 
Spiritual and/or practical. 
Anything and everything you have in your tool chest for fighting The Sick. 
Be sure to tell us WHY you use what you do.”

ok, wrote about this on the 12/6/2012. so let me add on to that.
i did learn that orange juice will add music to the body so you need to drink apple juice when you are stuffed up.
also, this whole “i will not get sick. i will not get sick.” manta is not the way to go. the universe doesn’t understand the word not or no. your manta should be “i am healthy. i will stay healthy.”

January 26, 2013

drunk update!

this 3-day weekend thing is kinda nice. i can stay up late because i don’t have to open tomorrow!
where’s the beer!
speaking of beer, Mom and me went to the bar in town for lunch. it struck me that i’m lucky to have a mother who puts up with my craziness, and sometimes, encourages it to the point i have to tell her to stop.
some people don’t have as understanding parents as i do.
the library was fun. been going there every Saturday to suck up free WiFi.
i wrote about my dream about the Nostalgia Critic and he is coming back. he came back though the Plot Hole. February 5th is the next new episode. we’ll see what happens with that.
man, i really want to start my own review show.
i got the idea: i would conjure my 4-yr-old-self and sort out why the hell i loved some of the bad stuff from the ‘80’s so much, like Jem and the Holograms. it would be great!
and i need to actually sit down and make an episode and see how bad it would be.
and then there is the crazy idea of starting to vlog, along with blogging.
am i ready to put my face and voice on the internet and deal with all that?
would anybody want to see this happen?

January 24, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“What is ‘black magic’? Is there even such a thing?
How do you feel about using it?”

ok, here we go.
i don’t believe in black magick. does that mean there’s no such thing? no and yes.
take aspirin. you have a headache, you take one. you take a bottle, bad things will happen.
magick is like aspirin. it’s here to help or hurt, depends on how you weld it.
when i said that no and yes to black magick, i don’t believe in it. that does not mean other people don’t believe in it.

January 23, 2013

bringing back the Nostalgia Critic

i had a hell of a dream last night.
before my dream, what i gather is the Nostalgia Critic is coming back. how, i don’t know due to i have not watch the video on the website.
so, my dream is very much of this.
i was with the gang from http://thatguywiththeglasses.com to film their 5th anniversary special. we were in Florida and i was with Spoony, looking for a location.
i was needed because i was a witch and i was the one to resurrect the Nostalgia Critic.
i really love how my mind works.

January 22, 2013


so instead of writing some crappy entry that was more of a fan service, i worked on my vampire story.
go me.
i love it when i have the house to myself.
crocheting is not coming along. i think i need to redo the pig’s head, unless i find some pics to show i’m going it right.
need to work on Matt’s gift for VD. have not touch that one yet.
Matt wants to come up this weekend. i don’t think that’s what i want, but i think he’s coming up anyway.
i am hoping, once he’s gone, i can actually do something. i keep putting it off and well, i suck at life.
i really don’t want to go down that path. that’s the sad path.
and what the hell is up with updating all my shit and then it don’t work?!? updated SIMS and my itouch and they won’t work! motherfuckers!
after watching The Craft yesterday and now there this bad movie on now, Salem Falls, i really need to get back into my own practice. i miss it and i know, it’s a part of me that should not be as failing as the rest of my life is.

January 19, 2013

i had my dream last night!

i had my dream last night!
i was at the state capital. the whole place was getting ready for the inauguration. it was weird that there were these clear plastic barrier up so you couldn’t wander around like you could. it was odd.
and he was there.
his mom worked up in a corner of the capital, professional mod maker.
it all makes sense with him then.
and there was the VCR (wtf?) mods there.
we went up outside and i fell down the hill.
and then i woke up.
i tried to get back to sleep, to get to that point, and it didn’t happen.
but i’m glad for this dream and for the release of it.
but it killed a story i had brewing.

January 18, 2013


my first day off and i didn’t do anything. it has been great.
did all my laundry. now i have clean socks, bras, and underwear. life is good right now.
and i’m off tomorrow!!!
tomorrow will be at the library, and then visiting Aunt Renelda, and then Mom dragging me to a different Wal-Mart.
but, i’m in hope to go to the bar tonight.
with my mom.
i started writing a crappy entry, and i’m seeing this one to be just as crappy.
there’s nothing to report. work was long and hard, and not in a good way.
payday was yesterday and with taxes coming out, i do not make enough for my lifestyle, my lifestyle of paying my bills and wanting to eat.
the internet has been crappy out at the house. Mom says it started when it got cold.
really need to do some crocheting. and cleaning. really need to do some cleaning.
and making things for VD day.
SIMS3 has been helpful with some issues of mine. i’m getting the hang of it. it’s still too much like real life for it to be fun.
i keep toying with the sick idea of creating a SIM me and SIM based on a real person and see what happens.

January 12, 2013

and it goes down hill from here

so i cleaned out a bunch of fav Tweets. due to the fact i check Twitter on my phone or itouch and rarely on my laptop, i fav many to look up later on my laptop.
well that was a shit opening paragraph.
in other lame news, i added a tag to my blog: “i believe in Batman”. it might be just to list all the Batman crap i give Matt but, Batman is a part of me now.
i even have all 3 of his “good” movies.
OD is fucked up. tried all day to get on it, nothing. when i can, i am making my announcement that i’m “quitting” them and where people can find me.
and it’s sad, because i’ve been there for almost 12 years now.
Mom will be working soon, and if my schedule holds, my internet time should go up. hope that equals lots of blog post.
and maybe some work out time. maybe.
overall, i’m at a lump stage. i had good bump in things before Christmas and now, it pitter out.
need to dig deep and move.
also, i got a hankering to “restart” my religion. i think it’s time of year, the start of winter, hunkering down for more inside time, and the hope of spring coming and starting up again.
i tried a Heathen Facebook group and it just wasn’t for me. i’m in a rootwork one now and, meh. what little i venter into VoDou wasn’t what i thought it was going to be and the more i hear about it, it’s not for me.
chaos magick and working with the dead/ancestors are appealing to me. still have a feeling that if i study them more, i’ll find out they are not for me.

January 10, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

Let's see 'em!

Show us your altar, or at least describe it for us.

What items are always on it? 
How often do you change it up? 
Where do you keep it?

If you don't keep an altar, tell us why.”

well, i have a pic of my altar posted up front on this blog (as of 1/10/2013 it’s still there).
i rather not go on into details about it as of right now, i’m at “issue” with my practice. i’m working on redoing stuff.

January 9, 2013


so we are a week in the new year and have i done anything?
what i do have is need of things and no real good reason for them.
i am in real need to work on my room. so much that will do for me on all lvls if i can get that done.
Open Diary is being stupider. cannot get the site to load up on my laptop. the feel to move “away” from that site is getting stronger.
if it wasn’t for some diaries there that i have strong feeling towards.
that, and i do want to start vlogging. still up in the air about that. it would be the step towards another hair brain idea of mine.
i seem to be having a lot of hair brain ideas lately. they are not good and i would like to blow some of them out.
playing SIMS2 seems to help with getting rid of some of the “badness”. but, i have lost the disk. and it was crashing on me to boot.
should i take the plunge and play SIMS3? don’t know if i should or not.
and in other crazy news, i think i want to get an Xbox. yes, i’m 32 and thinking of getting my first gaming console, ever.
i don’t mean first one i brought with my own money, i mean my first one, ever ever. i don’t know why this thought is in my head, and why the hell i would go down this path.
well, i know why. i miss being a gamer. i played WoW and it made me happy.
now, i don’t have WoW. my lvl of happiness is down a notch.
also was told by a follower they only read my blog to see if they are mention. asshat.

January 3, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“The new calendar year if filled with possibilities, and many take this time to make resolutions, commitments to change in their lives.
But commitment with no related action goes nowhere.
So what actions do you take to help you make the changes you seek? Do spells/rituals help you focus on the new goals and guide you to the best actions to take?
How do you harness your spirituality when you want/need to make changes in your life?”

the actions i’m taking is that i have to this year. there is no other way for me but up.
there are no spells or rituals to help, due to there is no space for me to do said spells or rituals.

January 2, 2013

welcome 2013!

done with all the bullshit!
spent the morning getting my money, witchcraft, and “diet plans” up to date.
if only Open Diary would work so i can get that done.
i have hopes of getting an ipad mini by the mid of August.
Matt has been here since Sunday. he needs to leave. soon.
saw Les Misérables. it was ok. i think it was a better job than Phantom of the Opera.
Matt has his own dealings with Les Mis.
crocheting is doing good. need to sit down and has out what and when. right now, i got a pink camo pig.
witchcraft, well, got the tarot card reading for the year down, written, and txt to all. that was a pain to get it written down.
mine theme this year is Justice. will have to see how this plays out this year.
i do want to take this, momentum, i got boiling under the system, and get rid of stuff. i see that as the first step of reclaiming so much lost these past few years.