Hard-Core Crochet

Posted on my blog on May 25, 2013.

Hard-Core Crochet (HCC) is an attitude, not a way of life.
HCC is taking crochet out of the uncool universe and putting it squarely in the universe it belongs to: yours, mine, ours.
HCC is not about making crochet cool. Crochet is too old, too square to be cool. HCC is about being hep, not hip.
HCC is not laying claim that Knitting is the enemy, far from it. HCC only wants to reclaim what has been lost by hipsters who took up Knitting as the cool thing to do. Remember HCC is not about being cool. It’s about Crocheting.
We are not dainty old ladies in rocking chairs. You cannot be dainty with a hook in your hand.
What Knitters do with 2 needles, Crocheters can do with one hook. Needles may be more dangerous, but we Hard-Core Crochet.
HCC is not anarchy. There is a system.
  • HCC only works 3 projects at a time, max. We do not believe in having piles of half ass afghans and scarves lying around.
  • HCC works best with music. The louder, the faster, the better. Crank up Lady Gaga, Jerry Reed, Monster Magnet and rock with your hook out!
  • HCC will shoot down anyone who ask, "What are you knitting?” Remember, we do not put down knitting but for too long crochet has been hidden away.
  • HCC embraces COLOR!, the more the better. Study your color wheel and roll with it! Take Shocking Pink, Mellow Orange, and Fresh Green and make something out of it! Life is too short not to be shell shock by safe, muted tones.
  • HCC lives for variegated yarn. All solids, all the time, will white wash our soul. If COLOR! scares you, take variegated and black and go with it. COLOR! is good for you.
  • HCC embraces the Granny Square. Too long the Granny Square has been the bastard child of Crochet family, cast out of the family pictures. Embrace the hepness of the Granny Square and rock it hard-core.
  • HCC is not your Grandma’s Crocheting*. We will not gently sit by. We will express ourselves. We will go out, Crochet in the wild world, be loud, proud, bedazzle other’s with our spread, our flair, our sinful passion to our art of yarn.
  • HCC seeks out the odd pattern. Afghans, scarves, sweaters, are our bread and butter but we want more. We seek to find the skulls, the sock monkeys, the spider web doilies. We are what we Crochet.
  • HCC do not believed in buying patterns. We save our money for yarn, taking to the internet and the library for that fantasy pattern, which is free. Only, and only, do we put out yarn money on patterns if it holds itself to be ammo for HCC.
  • HCC is not about being yarn snobs. We do not look down on “lower quality” yarn and stick to higher price “fancy yarn.” Bailer twine, acrylic, wool, thread, blue jeans, trash bags, we will use what we can get our hooks on to make our art.
Hard Core Crochet is not our religion but part of it. We should feel closer to the heavens and our ancestors by taking up the hook and yarn. We should feel inner peace and let that flow into our yarn, our craft.

*HCC may be your grandma’s crocheting. I have a clear memory of my Grandma, watching a bad wagon train movie, crocheting ninety to nothing, on some hair crazy pattern. I believe she Hard Core Crochet.

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