August 10, 2017


i ripped out the pages of my bullet journal and turned the whole notebook into my ToDoList.
it started for just today (my day off) and then it went on about my next two days off and then it turned into for the rest of the month.
i have 97 things written down to do and did 13 today.
am i going to get all 97 done by the end of the month? no, probably not. some are long term goals that i want done by the end of the year. i set myself the goal of getting 60% of my goals done for the month.
and then kinda pad out the list with things i know i will be doing, like blogging and my laundry.
i have written in a notebook and put it on Evernote to boot. i hope this way keeps me on my toes and get shit done.
i think i moved 2 inches today and might move some more to get my bed cleared off before i sleep tonight.

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