August 1, 2017


this month, this bloody month.
i don’t have words. all i know is that i need to write.
and no, this will not be an update.
i know i do not put out the original content that i should. i don’t blog, i don’t post wit on Twitter, i really don’t use Tumblr, and i just found out i’ve had a WordPress from 2009.
and now i have this stirring to make vlogs. i’ve been watching too much of Thomas Sanders and now of ContraPoints. and with those (and seeing some of the weird stuff out there that CountraPoints showed in their videos), why not me? i have some ideas and things that could work.
just need to find video editing software. that, i am clueless about.
other things are clicking, more on that later.
things, are good. not the best but somewhat better.
i can do this.

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