August 8, 2017

i am many layers and i am of the one

i have been having some problems with my identity, of the late. i know i wrote about being more queer then demi but there was something else nagging at me.
it’s this whole “i’m not really butch but calling myself a lipstick butch seems fake” thoughts that keep going back and forth in my head.
and then last night it all became clear.
i am a collage educated woman and at the same time i can break out the Appalachian accent and be the redneck i was raised to be. i can drink Long Island Ice Teas at the gay bar all night or a single, strong martini at a retirement party and still be the same person.
i am many layers and i am of the one. why femininity can be that way too, from butch to lipstick, in a week, a day, an hour.
i don’t have to be the one thing to be all the things. i can be me and let others sort this out.

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