July 4, 2017

June Update Part II: Transformers Weekend from Hell

ok, some backstory. the original plan was for me and Mathew to go to STL and see Nicole and do Pride. i was very much looking forward to going to my first Pride (and really, i haven’t seen a parade in ages and that’s what i really wanted to do).
it didn’t happen. Nicole and Matthew are at a stand still in life about things that has barred Matthew from visiting Nicole.
so, i had the weekend off, $500 saved up and some txting and what not, this is the weekend i got.

i set up the weekend with minor issues. i even gave Colt a way out to the whole things. he never said no and with a txt saying he brought the tickets, away we go.
off i go on a Saturday, south to first get Matthew. he was packed and ready to go. throw everything in the car and off we go.
Matthew burned a CD of movie scores. i had to guess who the composer was.
made it to the hotel. Matthew and me unpack and i start getting dressed, as i was going to dress as a vampire to see Transformers.
and while putting on my makeup, Colt ask if i was wearing a bra because my nipples were out and about.
yes, i was wearing a bra, a real bra, and how amazing are my boobs are if the gay guy takes note?
we eat at Chilies and Colt talks about his IBS.
and somewhere we went to Bass Pro Shop.
we leave and see the movie.
the movie, in 3D IMAX was such a shit storm of stupid.
and instead of yelling and screaming at the movie, i sighed and shoot my hands in anger.
which was too much for colt to deal with and my tone at Chiles and now i’m just this mean bitch (hello, where have you been Colt?) and i need to lighten up and find joy and dear gods have i changed that much to him?
my thoughts on the movie is it is a pile of crap.
and to understand why, here is Lindsay Ellis’s Youtube series on Transformers.
did i mention Colt has a new car that has 3 doors and is orange?
and i asked him, if i had to bring shoes because i’m trying this whole dressing girly thing with flipflops (mens ones with trim i sewed on to make them girly) he said no.
i walked 4 miles in flip flops on Sunday.
Colt picked up us and away we went on Sunday. IHOP for breakfast (grr on many lvls) and then Barns and Noble and then Wal-Mart because reasons, and then i swear back to Colt’s so he could charge his phone.
i passed out while Colt played Fallout and gods know what Matthew did.
i swear it was the fact i had both of my men and the act of trying to make sure they both were happy and not trying to kill each other and me being sick and other things drove me to a nap.
and then we were off to the park to walk the 4 said miles and for me to catch freaking pokys to lvl up by September to raid with Colt but look, they lower the cap so now really i am playing the poky game because Colt plays it and well, i want to be a good girlfriend.


and then we ended up at some local Italian place for dinner and then Colt drop us off.
i didn’t get to hug him.
i didn’t give him a card reading.
the rat bastard never has open his tarot cards. that hurts Colt.
Monday me and Matthew hit the witch store that don’t sell herbs. Matthew found a book from his childhood and i got some charcoal and lilac oil.
and drop Matthew off and i head home.
and then i worked 6 days in a row over this first of the month/“holiday” weekend bullshit.

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