July 4, 2017

June Update Part I: Taco Luau

dollar stores are dangerous.
plans were made to go see Jessica and i was bringing tacos and it was a Tuesday and then i went to the dollar store and it’s all summer and luau stuff and i buy all the things.
i got grass skirts for Ellie and Emily and leis for everyone else.
Jessica’s mom was there….
party was a hit. everybody loves tacos (even Emily!). Jessica told me A LOT of stuff and she needs to start writing it done and make a book of it.
she also showed me that i am lucky to have Matthew.
and Emily is a doll. teeth and walking, and now she’s trying the talking. she knows “puppy” and kept saying “EEEEEEE”. i start in with some vocal warm ups in maybe she would take on another vowel.
it didn’t work.
she also has a horn. she’s got this cowlick curl on the side of her head (and now it looks like she’s got one on the other side too). i showed Mom a pic of her and she said those are her horns of power, don’t cut them off because it takes a long time to get power.

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