June 30, 2017

30 Days of Pride: Day 30

Why are you PROUD to be LGBTQ+?

last year i felt like a phony for doing this. i only just realized i fall on the asexual line of life, the Pulse shooting happen, and i never had sex with a woman. how can i put myself in the same boat as all the “real” gays?
but, i’m not straight. i like looking at naked women and men in drag, i keep watching these Youtube videos about being a lesbian and taking notes, and i’m just this queer little duck in this world.
i’m not the queerest and to the outside world, i am straight but i’m not.
and that’s it, that’s the line. i try to say, out loud, “i’m straight” and what comes out is “i’m not.”
so, why am i proud? if anything, i’m here to fuck with people who think i’m straight, who think what you see is what you get. i’m proud to put questions of all things before all the white, county fools i live with.
i’m here to fuck things up and i’m damn proud of that.

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