May 17, 2017

Come a Little Bit Closer

how do i start this? a play by play of the ritual details? the feels of this weekend?
Friday me and Matthew did some running around; dinner was at Aussie Jack's (pineapple juice and coconut rum is the way to go).
Saturday was up and at them and onwards to Springfield!
my three regrets of the weekend were i never got a chance to give Colt a card reading, to stare into his eyes, or to get a feel for his apartment.
and i forgot that jar…
i had to behave, his ‘rents were there. once they were gone the fun started.
i gave him an adult gift: a basket of lavender scented bath goodies, wine, chocolates, and tarot cards. i did see some Power Rangers and Pok√©mon tank tops but, that’s not adult. that’s kids stuff.
his new place is nice, a place i can only hope to have one day.
Colt… i saw him on March 25th and he was different. he was more himself but not? like a new cover on an old and well-loved book.
but this Colt, this weekend was my Colt, a bit older, a bit wiser but still mine.
i am emotional insecure when it comes to him. i can’t be an adult, i can’t say the proper words. i can harass, pick on him, and would cut a bitch if they hurt him.
he cooked (i need to work on my “cookbook” for him) and we ate.
Matthew drove us to the hotel, Colt got us a spot at the movie, me and Mathew checked in, got to the theater, and this all boring details no one want to read about.
the movie, the movie.
i still need to sit down and sort out how this movie ranks with the other MCU movies but here’s my review:


the humor of the movie was rough, kinda jr high boy feels for it. makes me think Nicole Perlman soften up the first one.
the feels, oh my gods the feels. i think Kurt Russell might be the worst of all the villains in the MCU. it just hits you when he says he put that cancer in her.
lots of feels with all the characters. lots of feels and then lots of humor and the music.
the music kick ass. it had songs that i didn’t know i needed and loved so much until i heard them in the movie.
and fucking Zune. freaking Marvel.

next was Taco Bell and then the bar.
the gay bar.
on disco night.
ok, there was a time that i had no religion. i gave up on Catholicism in 97ish and didn’t start the witchcraft till some 7 years later. what filled that void was music.
and during my jr high years i listed to the local oldies channel nonstop. and a lot of it was the disco.
that music washed over me, giving me life. in the dark corner, music blasting, drinks coming to me, Colt on my left, Matthew on my right….
the drinks. Colt tells the bartender how sad he is and what color he wants his drink.
i tried for a martini and that didn’t work.
what did was Long Island Teas.
i am a lush and proud of it.
i out drank Colt. it’s when he brought me a Long Island Tea and he had water i knew i won.
yes, i was drunk, i was White Girl Wasted. it was wonderful and i remember everything from that night.
i did get them both in the hotel room that night.
and i had to use Matthew’s baseball bat as a can to walk from the car to the room.
went to bed about midnight. woke up at 4 AM feeling gods awful. woke up at 8 and felt fine.
no hangover motherfucker! i am a goddess among these mere mortal men!
went to Colt’s to day our goodbyes. he had to do the good son thing for his brother’s graduation.
i love him. i tell him this and i wonder if he fully understands the powers of my heart when it comes to him.
me and Matthew head back to his place and then on Monday i went home.

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