May 3, 2017

come hell or high water

it rained, for a week or so. it rained all along the Gasconade River.
and the water came. and if it wasn’t for the water HERE, it was the water from yonder that came too.
of the top 10 historic crest (according to the National Weather Service) i’ve been alive to see 8, not including what went on this past week.
tell me this is normal. i’ve lost count how many 500 year floods and 100 year floods i’ve seen. the last time it was this bad was only 17 months ago. we can’t go 2 years without rain coming and taking out everything.
the rain came and things were saw and said. i didn’t go to work on Monday because i didn’t want to get stuck on the other side of the river.
this weekend, i cannot wait.

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