April 19, 2017


the dread of white spaces and an open keyboard.
the last time i wrote wrote was over a month ago. lots of happen. lots of stuff i’m not ready to post about.
Colt did come visit me. it was short and bittersweet. things were said, i wrote something but i don’t know if it will get posted.
i did get a good review and now can move up and beyond. we will see how that flies.
saw Jessica Monday and the children. Emily is walking and now wants to talk. this child is just never happy.
Max had his kittens on the Sunday before Ostara. he moved them and now they are MIA. i keep telling him to bring them back and he just looks at me.
and yes, i am using he/him pronouns with Max, even after he gave birth to 4 kittens. if this is a world with human men with beards, giving birth and breastfeeding, i can say Max is a he with his kittens.
plans are coming along for Guardians weekend. Colt want to cook for me. i’m kinda scared and turned on at the same time.
and sad. over txt he told me he wants to spoiled me because he has no one else.
and i’m in the middle of being sad about that fact: i’m Colt’s one and only with “hey 16 yr old self, you have two boys wanting to spoil you!”.
i never thought i would have such issues.

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