April 25, 2017

all work, then all play, maybe

i wanted to write this one night but i was too tired. tired doing it this afternoon and yeah, i need the dark of night to write this.
i have so many days till my Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 adventure starts. there’s so much i got to get down and i’m not working very hard on that.
and, seeing Vol 2 is bringing up the feels from the last movie.
and it ain’t helping that “Stay With Me” has made it way to my playlist.
and, there’s Colt. once upon a time i had this silly thought that i was his one and only and that’s why he couldn’t find a boyfriend. i’m scared to go back to that thought right now.
and, he wants to cook for me and spoil me and i’m his light at the end of the tunnel.

(and if he’s the light at the end of my tunnel, does that mean we are on our way of crashing into each other?)

and it’s not the packing and plotting. it’s the simple fact it’s going to be me and my men, Colt and Matthew, and we will burn the town down with both my hands on each of their inner thighs.
it’s that fucking, it’s that inner 16 yr old that can’t come to grip on all this and she’s throwing her self-doubt all over me.
maybe if i can get the inner 4 yr old out, things will be better.
so much packing, shaving, waxing, dying, plucking, crocheting, magick, driving, and drinking to do to get it all together.
gods help me.

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