March 10, 2017

into every generation an Avenger is born...

I like to look back and find out how did I get here. What course of action did I take to get here, at this point, at this time?
Like, how did I get to be such a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Well, where did it start? Was it when Iron Man was released? Was it the face Marvel had to sell the X-Men to Fox to keep floating? Was it when Stan Lee took over, way back in the day, and changed the face of comic books?
I remember sitting at the family laptop, my TweetDeck up and running. And it started bit, by bit. This Avengers movie going to be made. The only reason this news was in my timeline was due to one name being attached to the project.
Joss Whedon.
I found Joss when I found Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I inhaled that show, Angel, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Dollhouse, etc. etc.
I found Buffy only a few years after it went off the air. I remember watching season 7, thinking Joss wouldn’t kill her off, again. It was just a hell of a show and a ride and gods, Spike is worth the money alone!
And being a nerdgirl, Buffy is still brought up in the certain circles of the internet. She is a wonder to behold and study. And this week, the question is what is her legacy and where is it?
Well, one of her legacies is Avengers.
Without the success of Buffy, I don’t believe that Joss would have been on any list to be the writer/director of Avengers.
I know, today being the 20th anniversary of Buffy debuting on TV, and the long list of Strong Female Characters are being herald as the legacies of Buffy but I see Avengers as part of that legacy too. The whole time watching the movie the first time, I didn’t laugh. I kept whispering “Joss Whedon joke.” to myself.
And yelled “Fuck you Joss!” when Loki stabbed Coulson.
I cannot wait to share Buffy with the next generation and all things Joss Whedon.

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