March 1, 2017


A.           lose weight
a.   i’ve down 6.6 lbs. now, not as good as i wanted to be but still down for the year.
b.   my walking sucks eggs and i need to get off my ass and WALK!
c.    my steps are good, but not at the 8,000 mark.
                                                 i.    grade:  F for weight lost, big F for walks, A for steps, D over all. 
B.           get my shit together.
a.   i have made strides in this area.  i’ve been moving inches but it feels like feet.  i “fixed” something yesterday and have plans to get more done today and tomorrow.
                                                 i.    grade:  i’m going with a D+.  still needs work but i’ve improved so much from the 1st of February.
C.           write
a.   my story has stalled.  i’m still putting down words, just lost the spark for it, for now.
b.   blogging is good.  i’m almost to 2,000 post and my 40 Days is almost over.  still have ideas for big blog post, just can’t get the words down for them.
                                                 i.    F for the story, A for the blog, C over all.
D.          become a better witch.
a.   nothing happening here.
                                                 i.    grade:  F.
E.           money
a.   student loans will be paid off this year.  tax return should cover it.
b.   credit card is still bad.
                                                 i.    D.
F.           crochet
a.   got Colt’s project done!  and my tarot card bag.  added some projects.  backburner some projects.
                                                 i.    F, but i have plans and am working on projects!

January was a F+, February was a D- and now at the start of March i have a D+.

yes, this looks bad but, i am moving forward.  i am taking my steps, i am crocheting my rows, i am working on getting the hell out.  this is a yearlong process, and we are only in March.  i am going up, just small steps at a time.

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