March 2, 2017

2,000 post

i was excited that i was nearing 2,000 post. i know most were due to blog prompts but still, i was near 2,000 posts!
and then i saw that i had 8 years of my life, right here for the world to see.
back in my Open Diary days, i would take down past years and only have 5 years at a time up? i don’t remember anymore.
so last night i decide to delete all of 2010. banks keep records for the past 7 years and that’s why i deiced to delete 2010 and only keep the past 7 years up on my blog.
it cut down on some of my tags and put me at under 1,900 post. so much for hitting the big 2,000.
and it felt odd delated them last night but it felt like i had to. i feel like i’m sloughing something that’s not me anymore and emerging a bit better. not a butterfly but a shiner me.

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