March 29, 2017

16 years

  • a day ago: it was my day off.
  • a week ago: i had to work on a Wednesday.
  • a month ago: trying to get better.
  • six months ago: i was gearing up for Oktober.
  • a year ago: motherfucker, it was 2016.
  • three years ago: OD had gone belly up but the part that hurts the most is this was the time my DarkShark left me.
  • five years ago: had a horrible shift at work.
  • ten years ago: i thought my ex would give me everything i need…
  • fifteen years ago: Ray kissed me…
  • twenty years ago: my grandma had a few days left before she died.

so 16 year ago i found this website called Open Diary and took my paper journal online.
and here i am, still writing, faithfully, more or less.
only one month did i not write, back in 2014. i had so much in my head i could not get it out.
but here i am, so far from that 20 something girl that started writing.

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