February 16, 2017


so let’s a do a quick update.
Mom cut her finger on the kraut cutter Saturday night. we ended up at the ER.
i wanted to take out the 2nd person we talked to. i’m loud so no, i’m not yelling. and don’t tell me to be calm.
and my voice can drop a good octave when i’m mad.
Mom got her finger sewn up. it was borderline embarrassing with the lvl of hysteria she had.
she’s not good to have in an emergency. i don’t know where it came from but damn.
and the kicker, Dad came home and rather read the phone book then talk to me and Mom after a trip to the ER.
so 14th/15th. it was a weekend with Matthew, and food, booze, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and just good times.
and i’m off today and tomorrow. i hope to get some work done.

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