January 27, 2017


so, this has not been a good week.
i did not go out and kick as much ass as i had hope. my period started and that just threw a wrench into plan of action.
i am plotting for next month to take that week off (of walking) in hopes then of maybe doing it as a plus.
still need to see if i can get the ab lounger up and going.
and i still need to get my vitamins up and going.
nope. just grabbed them and got them ready for the week. at least i can start doing that.
and i did get my tarot bag done.
and i kinda want to write tonight but i just don’t feel it at all.
ok, so Saturday is a new day and a new workweek. i need to get back and up and at them and crochet and all kinds of shit.
let’s do this.

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