January 2, 2017

let's go

so, hi 2017. how are you?
my New Year’s weekend went well. Matthew came up and we partied. it was a party due to the hats we had and the party size bag of chips we had.
New Year’s Day we went out. saw the grandparents, saw Rouge One (it was an ok movie; kinda knew how it was going to go down so it more of a “let’s enjoy the ride then see how it ends” movie), and then the mall.
i got my ear pierced. i kept thinking about it and i finally said the hell with it and got it done. it’s my right ear, near the top. i have a stainless-steel star in it.
i fear so weird about it. it’s not the physically weirdness but just the fact i did it.
i somehow feel more balance by it, if that makes sense.
i have the goal of GET SHIT DONE for 2017. it covers many things to if i can get one real done or make inches on all of them, then i’ve won.
of the weirder things, i want to write a book this year. the whole 50,000 words in a month is never doable with me. but 50,000 words in a year, just 137 words a day? yes. so i started and have no clue where it will take me but i threw shit out there and let’s see where we are going with it.
so, slowly as we wade into 2017, i will move, inch by inch. an inch a day will give me over 30 feet at the end of the year.
let’s go.

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