January 31, 2017


A.   lose weight
a.   so far i have lost 8 lbs. of this morning.  go me!  i still have 22.2 lbs. to go so i a ways to go.  i falter last week but i’m ok with that.  i made it almost 3 weeks before crashing so, let’s try 4 weeks this time. 
b.   my walking has not been that great.  i have a new plan to get that working.  that, and i need to get my measurements and get the ab lounger out. 
                                         i.    grade:  A on weight lost, F for the walking so C. 
B.   get my shit together
a.   i worked on it a bit but not that much. 
                                         i.    grade:  F
C.   write
a.   my story is coming along, i’m getting ideas for it every time i put words down.  i don’t want to go tropy but it might in some areas.
b.   blogging is good.  i’m going to start my 40 Days this mouth and i’m about to hit 2,000 post.
                                         i.    F for story, A for blog, C overall. 
D.  become a better witch
a.   nothing happening here. 
                                         i.    grade:  F
E.   money
a.   student loans may be paid off earlier, if my tax returns are what it says what it says. 
b.   credit card has not moved.
                                         i.    i’m gonna say D just on the news of the student loans. 
F.   crochet
a.   i got one done!  and then i added a lot more!
                                         i.    grade:  D.  see if i can get more done this month. 

so 10ish days ago, i had an F+ grade.  i can say i have a strong D- now.

small improvement but, it’s a step up. 

hell, 10 days and my grade went up that much.  i got hopes after 28 days. 

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