January 19, 2017


Wil Wheaton wrote about rebooting his life and maybe i read too much of his stuff but maybe i need to put myself into that idea.
 ok, so let’s try and do this.

A)  lose weight
a.   ok, so 2016 was not a good year for me and my health.  i gave up and it all went downhill.  i had been losing weight since 2015 but with 2016 i gain 16.2 lbs.  i’ve started back to walking and hardcore using my Lose It! app to get heathier.  so far, i’ve lost 10.6 lbs.  is this good?  yes.  BUT, based on my walking speeds, i’m way slower than i was in 2015.  i want to get that back on track too.
                                                 i.    grade:  A on weight lost, D on speed so C+.
B)  get my shit together
a.   yeah, my room.  i don’t know how it got this bad and i don’t know how to make it better.  i keep making plans on working on it and it all ways on the way side.  i need to put my nose to the grindstone and get this worked on.
                                                 i.    grade:  F
C)  write
a.   National Novel Writing Month, hits in November and i work in retail so you see how well that goes.  this year, i did the math and 137 words a day will net me a 50,005-word novel by the 31st of December.  so far, i’ve hit my goals for that.  i just started writing and i got an idea of the story but i don’t know where it will end.  it’s exciting.  (and i want to blog more)
                                                 i.    grade:  F for the novel, that’s just low word count for now, and A for blogging which give me an C over all. 
D)  become a better witch
a.   this hinges on getting my room better.  it’s been so long that i don’t think i could do anything.
                                                 i.    grade:  F
E)   money
a.   this will be the year i pay off all my student loans and right now, get my credit card under control.  i am trying to work the system and cut corners.
                                                 i.    grade:  E.  will come back to this later for more info.
F)   crochet
a.   too much of my projects get thrown to the wayside.  this year i am going to buckle down and get shit down.
                                                 i.    grade:  F.  i have not finished any of my projects yet.

ok, that’s 6 goals.  my average grade right now is:  F+.  awesome.
 and with me checking in on this, hopefully around the 1st of every month, it may not go up that much by February. 
 but now i have a plan.  just have to get up and do it.  

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