January 29, 2017

fight the white man

i knew when (it) won that this would happen. i knew that shit would get bad and the true ugliness of (it) would shine through and it would wash over the county like a runny diarrhea.
i cried as i heard (it) become president and i cried the next day. i cried on Saturday for such a different reason.
i’ve seen the grander and talk about theses marches and see them fizzle out. Saturday, the 21st of January, 2017 was not it.
the Woman’s March was on ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS. let me say that again for ya’ll in the back: IT WAS ON ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS, EVEN FREAKING ANTARCTICA!!!  LINK!!!
and there were protesting this weekend that happen overnight over bullshit that was decree from high.
Todd in the Shadows got to me and i signed up to donate $10 a month to the ACLU. at the time, i thought my $10 would mean nothing.
and look today: ACLU Received “Unprecedented” $19.4 Million in Donations Since Saturday. don’t tell me my $10 don’t mean anything right now!
i don’t have hope right now. this isn’t me breathing a sigh of relief. right now, we are two for two, two weeks in, two protest. this is a fight and we are not going away quietly to cry. we are done crying. we are mad. we are pissed off.
we are fighting.

do i have to say anything when a Muppet fansite is fighting too?)

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