December 13, 2016


so, here i am in a pink lacy thing in a hotel with fast internet. i should be living it up and not feeling like blah.
i signed up for Patreon and to start supporting the people i love.
i’m sitting here, looking on what is being made and how much people are making per thing and i’m trying to get my head together on what i can do. i know i got skills, how do i turn that out?
i need to start off doing something, smallish. i need to start with something of a podcast or YouTube videos. if i can get that off, then i can move onto the next wave.
even it i don’t bring in the millions (or hundreds) it can’t hurt to try.
and in other news, i’m watching American Horror Story: Coven and it’s only making me want to witch. i found my cards and i am slowly working on my room and i know i am getting better. not by leaps and bounds but by inches.
inches are all i got and i’ll take what bits i can.

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