December 15, 2016

i hate Mondays

so i’m writing 3 days in a row.
something must be wrong with me.
i have plans to get to Monday and get some work down. i need to buy a box, and spray paint it and other things.
and then one set of gifts will be done.
need to get my ass together for Colt and Jacob.
and i think i know what to make them for next year.
or lest the inspirations for what will work for it.
there is just no rest for me. i keep seeing all these posts about Christmas vacation/break and i don’t get one. i’m still slugging through this life, trying to keep my head above water.
the cold, frozen, water.
i am working, i am getting better. it’s just a slow go but i am making headway.
i have my plans and the slow work of said plans.
i need to get back to making my to do list and get cracking on that.

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