December 2, 2016


it’s fuzzy to me now, a week later but here are some random highlights:
  • i was put in charge of 6 fucking queue lines and given no manager for support. is was so much bullshit. did not help that i had family i am feuding with.
  • again, Black Friday was a clusterfuck. i could run it better if they had the balls to give me the power.
  • the stress of the day caused to me to go on break, drink a Mt. Dew, and ended up with 113 heart rate.
  • i did get my art kit.
  • Friday, coworkers called it. one bitch told everyone she was going to call in because she couldn’t afford our 25% discount but her cunty ass was in on Saturday looking over the Black Friday movies.
  • i started craving cocaine on Friday morning.
  • Colt said i am getting old.

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