December 27, 2016

5 yr blog, day 1178

“What was the last time you felt at peace?”

January 10, 2016. i went to bed that night and all was right with the world.
i woke up Monday morning and Nicole called me to tell me Bowie had died.
and it’s been downhill since.
2015: i don’t know if it was peace or the fact everything felt right.
it was the night before my birthday. i was good and drunk and had out mathed Jacob.
when it was bed time, i was evil and took off my shirt and bra to sleep topless in Jacob's bed (i’m assuming i’m the biggest boobs that bed ever saw).
and right before passing out, i grabbed my phone to txt Colt (who was on the other side of the apartment) good night.
2014: May 27, 2014. read about it here, “Part III: Boyfriend Prime”.
2013: 8/16/2013. read about it here, “daylight”.

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