November 15, 2016

Before Times “Come At Me Bro!”

it was a great night, in the before time.
Ethan picked me up and we had an uneventful ride to see Shelby. Ethan had David Bowie and i greatly need to hear those songs.
we met up with Shelby, who Snapchatted the night away. me and Ethan are part of her squad.
i’m part of 2 squads. when did i become so popular?
we ate at Chili’s. the top shelf Long Island Ice Tea was good and got my feet warm.
and then we had ice cream at Sonic.
the movie, the movie. what can i say?
trippy as fuck. hate to see it on acid or other but damn, what a trip.
welcome to the MCU Benedict. glad to see you here.
the ending… SPOILERS!!!
should have seen the Time Stone showing up. i was wrapped up too much in the story to even think about it.
and then Thor shows up and hey, look! let’s set up the movie that’s coming out NEXT FUCKING YEAR!
end of SPOILERS.
and then we came out of the movie and looked on the internet.

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