November 15, 2016

After Times "..."

there’s been tears. lots of tears and some panic.
i use the line “maybe we’ll be in the same concentration camps” with a bit a humor and a bit of fear, will this happen?
i know i have privilege. i have the whiteness and i have the looks of being heterosexual.
but i’m a woman, a pagan, a queer. there’s some marks against me and i will go down swinging.
Friday was rough but me and Matthew made it to Nicole’s. we went to two bars and then home.
the first one was ok, the second one was better, The Fortune Teller Bar. there’s a “side” joint inside of it that sells sandwiches. mine was awesome, Matthew’s was awesome. i want to say it was hipsterish but i don’t know...
i did get my fortune told. i went in, pentacle covered, and didn’t give her anything. this was going to be an ice-cold reading.
and, it was good. good things coming. odd cards but reading my own symbolism into the cards, i’m going with good coming soon.
back to Nicole’s, with her friend Todd. Matthew bailed but me and her and him stated up, smoked some pot (i don’t think i got high and next time there will be mushrooms) and gods, an airing of all the shit we lived thought. names were brought up and things and oh my gods.
my gods.
next morning came with a very hungover Nicole and me and Matthe off to see the zoo.
highlights: the Tasmanian devils, penguins, and seeing the red panda pooing.
really, the Tasmanian devils were awesome. not a lot of peeps there, they were active, and i got to see them in motion.
if opossums are what are good and light in the world, then Tasmanian devils are the dark and demons of the world.
went back to Nicole’s to find her alive. packed our stuff and we headed out to CoMo.
Chili’s, hotel, mall, grandparents, went home on Sunday.
and Monday was back to the real world.

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