October 12, 2016

sweet 36

so last week was my birthday and partying and many good things.
Matthew got here on time and we made our way north. the hotel was nice and i was able to crochet and finished Shelby’s shawl, thank the gods.
after some running a round, we fulfill Matthew’s dream/goal/fantasy of picking up a collage girl on a street corner. Shelby and Matthew met and i think they liked each other.
Chili’s was ok. and then the movie!
we saw The Magnificent Seven.
the movie, it made me fall in love with Vincent D’Onofio (seeing this and Daredevil, when the hell are they going to give the man an award for acting!?!). Chris Pratt makes a great cowboy and i think, this was my first Denzel movie.
overall, the movie was good. it reminded me of Avengers, group of oddballs forming a team to take out the bad guy. it was, different but i liked it.
i LOVED how the rhythm of the theme was the backbone of the all the side music. it was awesome.
dropped off Shelby, me and Matthew head back to the hotel to ring in my birthday.
on my day, i dressed like a normal adult, went to the mall, went to Grandma and Grandpa Bob’s and then home.
it was low key birthday.

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