October 18, 2016

lostish? maybe?

so, what has been going on?
and with that word, i just wanted to copy and paste and post it up on my blog, but no, let’s talk.
Colt left is job and is going back to the store. he was being mopy about things and, in his words, bitch slap him with a text.
i thought it more of a kick in the ass.
and then i got out of bed and started my day.
this is like the 2nd time i’ve had to be, i don’t know the words for it. it was the 2nd time that me and him texted back to “fix” things, all before i got out of bed.
oh the things i could do to that boy if we lived together.
i still need to get my act together and send Colt that email i need to send.
now i’m off to play Skyrim.

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