October 26, 2016

late to the party

coming late to the party, i’ve started watching Orange is the New Black. wow, the lesbian sex in this show.
and, as someone who’s not seen that much lesbian porn, or had sex with another woman, umm, wow. so, is that how’s it done?
but, as much as it seems there is a dime a dozen stereotypes, there’s a woman of about every flavor in the show. it’s almost, showing all the flavors of womenness you could ever make. i’m loving it just on the bases that, i’m drawing from all the flavors. it’s feeding my soul somehow.
and for a drama, it’s nice not to see “white people” problems all the time. it’s different, all new, it’s just so damn different and it’s great.
and i have not hit the season with Ruby Rose yet.

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