September 24, 2016

my dearest DarkShark

my dearest DarkShark,
when you told me you quit Twitter, it felt like i lost my whole audience, and my voice. it felt like i had no one to write for anymore.
so, i’m trying to sit and write and might as well make it a letter to you.
this summer has felt like a waste. i didn’t walk like i did last year, i didn’t work on moving out. i kept putting everything off. off until i’m dead, i guess.
my new goal is Oktober. i hoping by thing it will be fall.
and maybe it’s that i have SAD, due to sunshine, summer, heat, and humidity. this summer it was a fight not to get heat rash under my boobs.
so, here’s to me thinking Oktober will be the cure for things.
i still need to get colors and yarn and get to work on you and Jacob’s Yule gifts. i’m trying with the more grown up theme but it’s still Marvel, and i’m crocheting them.
i just feel weird about doing this as a joint gift.
i am trying to work on this new story idea. one day you’ll get a random email from me and it will be the first scene.
i wanted to write more but… i gave up on thought. it seems i have them until they need to be put on paper. and then they fail.
love you, my DarkShark.
cannot wait to see you again.
your witch,

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