September 14, 2016


August seems to be the month i can’t get shit together. 2 years ago i blamed it on a mental break down and i’m not using that excuse this year.
i think it’s just it’s the end of summer and not the beginning of fall and the heat got to me.
it’s still not fall yet but i feel it coming. gods i hope it’s coming soon.
when it rained last week, i had 5 leaks in my room. i brought more drop clothes to keep down on ruining everything.
i hope with fall coming, that i start working on my room. i’m done with Skyrim (until i get the DL stuff). if it cools off, i can work.
i have been crocheting something for Shelby. i think it’s almost done. after that, i need to work on Jessica’s thing.
and then the boy’s gift.
also working with Nicole to get time off for her birthday.
i know this is a crappy post. i need to get back to a grove, of writing, working, being a better human.
hell, i failed/failing at Instagram.
i need such a kick in the ass.

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