August 9, 2016

only words

i keep recalling August 2014, it was the 1st time ever i never wrote in all the long years of be journaling.
i can recall my feelings, the movie, the song, all the things just that made me stop. it made me stop thinking because real questions and events happen to me that i was not ready for.
and it hits me hard with the news that was txted to me.
when i is think of strong, it’s not so much as the physical you can take, but the mental you can take in without breaking down. i’m seeing now how well some can hide it.
with seeing what was hidden, it lifts some of the confusion but i’m still left feeling lost and confused about things.
i want to make things better, in others. i can offer my words and prayers but there is only so much a txt can be.
and being 2.5 hours away, i feel like i’m failing as the best friend.
i do what i can, the words, the txts. it feels empty but there’s not much more i can right now.
i love you DarkShark.

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