August 3, 2016

July recap

so much happen in July!
Matthew turned 30 (i’m dating a 30-year-old, gods). his birthday was fun. we met up for Star Trek birthday weekend.
i had on my outfit and he had on this nice ST shirt that was black and had the insignia on it. i changed to my black capris and a red tank top.
i’m @amerwitch on Twitter if don’t get that joke.
the movie WAS SO MUCH BETTER THEN INTO DARKNESS!!! that 2nd one pissed me off so freaking much. Beyond was so much better and more Star Treky and it was so sad when they talked about Leonard Nimoy Spock and then you see little Anton Yelchin, *weeps*.
they set up for the 4th with bringing in Chris Hemsworth back. we’ll see what happens.
went to Red Lobster and there is just nothing there for me to eat. if they all you can eat shrimp, i would have won.
Matthew did buy me my first Long Island Ice Tea, a top self one! i took one sip and thought “this is it?” i downed half of it and never got so much as buzzed going on.
along with that, i had a play date with Ellie! i swam around in her pool, me and Jessica tried to sort out if it’s economical to kill her husband, and damn if Emily is another being! dear gods that child!
she tried to eat me. i think this was after she had Dirt Cake too.

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