July 20, 2016

not a good freind

i got a surprise today.
in the mail came a small package, of a small book: The Witch’s Spell Book for Love, Happiness, and Success by Cerridwen Greenleaf.
the book fits in the palm of my hand, it is tiny and it’s fuzzy.
i txt Colt. we talk about the book (him not getting the fluffiness of the book) and about my Marvel gifts to them and it just made me sit and think.
yeah, i got them junk for Yule. it was all Marvel based but it was a grab bag for children, not for men.
this year’s Yule gift is more “adult”, still Marvel theme, but still…
i love Colt, and i love Jacob. i can’t, never put into words what Colt means to me. i cop out and say that i can sleep with Matthew, but i can’t sleep with Colt, to show the love i have for him.
i feel like a horrible friend.

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