July 8, 2016

i haz...

and here dear diary is the rest of the story.
yesterday my phone took a swim in the toilet. i quickly grabbed it and took it apart, thinking that that saved it.
i was wrong.
when i got to break and put it back together, it was fine except it thought it was August 26, 2014 and about 9 in the morning.
and then i found out it wouldn’t charge.
so i spent most of today without a phone and tonight, did a run to the ATT store for a phone.
just a phone. that’s all i wanted. i have a new laptop i’m trying to pay off, just a phone.
“It was only a kiss.”
i walked out with my new phone, and i tablet, and a smart watch.
dear sweet baby Loki.
i’m ok. it’s a kick in the head for the set up but the bill is only supposed to be $20 more a month and i’ll be ok.
living in a box by the river.
so looking forward to the high speed WiFi at the hotel on Tuesday.

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