July 5, 2016

and on day 7

and i am alive.
i worked 6 days in a row, over the 1st of the month weekend, that also was a holiday weekend. i was fit to be tied at the end.
tea. tea is what is getting thought this. it’s SUMMER OF TEA and i have been using my tea maker and brewing all sorts of oddness. mixing and matching and honey and lemon and let’s see what the hell happens!
and i also got an idea for another story, a fun little rom com with a twist. i got a titles, i got the charterers, need to sit down and start the first wave of it. i just needs names for everyone.
and i need to sit down and listen to Heathen before i buy Diamond Dogs. i reckon that Diamond Dogs would be the best David Bowie to listen to to write a dystopia story to.
next week is Matthew’s birthday and i am really looking forward to the room with the whirlpool and high speed internet.
need to go eat and get my clothes off the line. and i need to work some on getting my life better.

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