June 13, 2016

just the points

  • Matthew came up last week and we saw Me Before You. it was ok movie, just not my cup of tea. i was more fascinated by Emilia Clarke’s eyebrows.
  • Sunday, Orlando… few weeks ago Colt and Jacob were in Florida. this week i got drunk txts from Colt when he went to the gay bar in town. i have worries about them but this is just taking it to a whole new lvl.
  • here’s my view on guns: i like guns. i’ve shot handgun, riffles and shoguns. i plan to buy my own one day. that being said, fuck this shit. there is no need for a civilian to have an assault gun. cops and the army, yes. me? no. just no.
  • i know i’m doing 30 days of pride but i feel like such a fraud right now for it. until i saw some Tweets from Diamanda Hagan. i am asexual/demisexual, i’m not straight. my letter may not always be included (LGBQTA, i’m the “A”) but damn if i’m not lest queer.
  • all my friends fall on the queerer side of the rainbow. ALL MY FRIENDS, INCLUDING ME. i didn’t realize it till yesterday.
  • i got nothing. i love my people and that’s all i can do today.

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