June 28, 2016

hope for more words

ok, day 2 of getting laptop up and going. trying to get itunes up and running is th worst part. i haz almost all the music and very slow internet so yes, this might take a month.
or a trip to the library next week.
sometime. i have limited days off coming up so, we’ll see what happens.
oh! birthday night at the hotel with the boyfriend and high speed internet! yes!
i am trying to start on my new story idea. i think i need to skip and just start working on the parts i have done in my head.
i’m trying to reread Brave New World for my story. i think i need to read 1984.
and maybe need to read up on the history of Iran.
i’m hoping that July brings more writing and more blogging. i know having my laptop dying, and trying to do 30 days of pride and 5 yr blog was all part of lack of writing.
now for some more words on paper.

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