June 30, 2016

30 days of pride, day 30

30. Why are you proud to be LGBTQ?

i feel like a fraud that i consider myself to be part of the LGBTQIA group. to the outside world, i’m straight with my straight boyfriend.
but, the more i’ve done this “30 days of pride” is that yes, i am asexual/demisexual. my boyfriend is bi, my best friend is bi, my other best friend is gay with his gay boyfriend, and my other best friend is pan.
hell, some days i think i am more of gay man trapped in a woman’s body than anything else.
i’m proud to part of the LGBTQIA world because this is where all my friends are, this is where i can be me. i remember before getting into the asexual/demisexual world i was in the queer world: i like my men dressed as women, i like watching naked women dance, and i feel the most feminine when i am dressed the butchest.
this is my world. i might be on the fringe of it, but i’m here.

30 days of pride

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