May 20, 2016

dear 16 year old younger self, part IV

dear 16 year old me,
sit down dear. i want you to look at this picture.
see the cute guy? that's your boyfriend. see the other cute one? that's your best friend. see the other, other cute one? that's his boyfriend.
which one is which? does it matter? ya'll are getting ready to go out for hell of a good time: you and 3 gorgeous men.
i know it will 20 years, that it will be 20 years of bullshit and crap to deal with to get to this picture but it will be worth it. it will be worth the pain and tears for this night.
because this isn't only one night. you had fun last year with all three and as long as Marvel keeps making movies, you'll have many dates with them.
and before this pic, you took one of just the three of them. 

and in that moment, it hits you hard. it hits that you have these 3 men in your life who love and adore you. that the pain and tears of the past 20 years will be a hard to wipe out but, let it. let it and be free.
i know, 20 years is a long time. two of them are only 6 right now, you gotta wait for them to grow up.
it will worth it.
Stay gold Ponyboy,

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