May 12, 2015


editor’s note: i cannot take credit for #Avengerpalzooa. Robert Downey Jr tweeted first. as many times i checked that hashtag, it’s seems only him, me, and Colt were the only ones using it. 

also, i was told that by some fans that they read my blog every night like a bedtime story. inspired by this fact, i have written #Avengerpalzooa in such a style. enjoy!

once upon a time there was a little girl. she just wanted two things out of life, to be a witch and to get a boyfriend.
the witch part was easy. 20 odd years after she made her goals, she become a witch. the boyfriend part was a bit tricky but 5 years after becoming a witch, she got her boyfriend.
and what a boyfriend. ;-)
but her magicks grew and so did her heart and lo and behold she found another boy.
and the witch was happy with her two boyfriends.
life lead her on wild ride. and it came to past that she was to travel to the Field of Springs, to hear the great words of her prophet, Joss Whedon, telling the tales of the gods, Avengers.
the Witch gathered her finerys (which included a skirt made by a talented Kitsune) and traveled south. it was too far to make to the Field of Springs in one day. she took haven by St. Robert by the Village of Wayne, home of her boyfriend Scruggys. with him, they traveled to see the preacher Robert (not the saint) in his new church in the Fort in the Woods.
while Scruggys went off to seek more knowledge, the Witch hunker down. she was blessed with seeing the first telling of the gods Avengers.
and when Scruggys return, they celebrated Beltain most vigorously.
when dawn came, the Witch and Scruggys packed up their belongings and headed to the Field of Springs. the Witch was quite happy with the resting place they were blessed with. it was right next to where they would hear the words of the prophet Joss about the Age of Ultron. 
they dined and feasted, for you see, it also marked the five years the Witch and Scruggys came together. five, long, difficult years but they made it!
many had gather to hear the words. they waited in line and made their way to find seats. the Witch was confused by the showing of tale of “false gods” and wonder why the hell people clapped, CLAPPED, when the tale of the War of Stars played.
and then, it was the new age, the Age of Ultron.
and it was glorious.
and in her excitement the Witch called upon her DarkShark. and with all her excitement, she told him good bye. there was things to do that night.
Scruggys conjure up pizza and passed out. the Witch went to work.
by the clock rang two in the morning, she was still not down with the gift for the DarkShark. and she was almost out thread. she cried and then went to sleep.
she awoke a few hours later, and in the daylight she finished the Man of Iron made of yarn.
the Witch dragged Scruggys across the Field of Spring to the new grotto of her DarkShark.
he was different, darker and lighter at the same time. he had found a friend, a lad who wore small t-shirts, size 15 shoes, and had others gifted features.
his name is Florida.
the Witch had known of Florida and was leery of anyone getting close to her DarkShark.
but gifts were given. the DarkShark blessed her with Marvel candy.
Florida blessed her with a Marvel poster.
the Witch blessed her DarkShark with many things of Man of Iron: Doritos, kite, Hulkbuster.
and items of him: a book of sharks and a sign of his sharkness.
and, the dolls of so many tears, handmade with her soul in it, Iron Man.
there was one gift the DarkShark gave her. around his neck he wore his sign, the shark. it was familiar to her, the outline, many times she had seen that shape before.
the gift, to her, was her own necklace. it was perfect and round, and missing one part. that part was around his neck.
much was fun was had. the DarkShark took them everywhere, starting with the Mart of Wal and then more for shoes.
there was feasting, and a strong drink that proved the Witch was stronger.
back to the grotto for some magick. the Witch worked well on the DarkShark and Florida. cards were drawn.
and then onto hikes and walks in the parks.
love was in the air.
the DarkShark sang her the song of his people, Cher.
then, it was time. they waited, slowly and long.
and the lights went dark and the prophet spoke again.
they journey back to the grotto.
she left her DarkShark with Florida.
she rested with Scruggys. in the morning they made way to a place of knowledge, met up with the DarkShark and Florida, and feasted again.
and in the parking lot, the Witch threated both of them not to hurt each other and to be safe.
and she saw that red truck drive away.
she made her way back to the Village of Wayne and then to her Shack in the Woods.
there, she dreamed, schemed, wrote and prayed.

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