April 7, 2015

work that ass

by rough count, i’ve lost 21.4 pound since 2014.
and i’ve lost more weight, just this year then i did all of 2014.
what really hit me was i don’t remember the last time my knees were creaky.
tomorrow i get out the tape measure and see if the inches are coming out.
the biggest difference i can tell is that i can wear pants in the store. they are size 26 but, i’m there!
and the sit-ups with the ab lounger. working on those. i can feel it, so i take it is working.
i forget about my stripper workout. i need to do that tomorrow.
and with this month, i’m building. an extra 3 mins on the walks, and extra 5 sit-ups on the ab lounger.
the reason for this push, the real reason, i want to be prettier than Colt. he’s at a gym, with a partner, i’m out here in the sticks, alone. i’m doing the best i can and damn if it’s not working.

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