April 28, 2015


if i don’t write, get it out of my head, i might blow up.
Colt and me had a spat. he was bad and looked up spoilers for Avengers. me, i’ve been avoiding everything. things got heated with us but it’s been smoothed over.
the fucker posted the “Nothing’s been the same since New York” speech from Iron Man 3 in our Facebook group. the line that haunts me
"I have to protect the one thing I can’t live without. That’s you.”

(these problems flair up around Marvel movies and involved quotes from Marvel movies. damn you Stan Lee and Joss Whedon.)

what was making me mad was the fact he wasn’t answering the question i kept asking him: “what do you hold sacred?” he finally answered, me. i’m what most sacred to him.
and i had words for this but last night my ass called him and we talked.
i feel better about things.

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