April 21, 2015


"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em."
Shakespeare, Twelfth Night (II, v, 156-159)

while on my paid vacation, on May 2nd, 6:45 pm, i will be in an IMAX theater, seeing a 3D movie. on my right, will be my boyfriend of 5 years and a day, Matthew. on my left, will be my boyfriend of unnumbered years, Colt. on HIS left will be his boyfriend, Jacob. we will be sitting down to watch Avengers: Age of Ulton.
holy shit, how did this all happen? how did all this strangement align for this one night?
let’s break it down, for my 16 year old self.
  • A-yes, paid vacation. i have a job that pays me not to be at work.
  • B-the movie theater, IMAX 3D! from rarely seeing movies to being seeing about a movie a month. and to see it will all the bells and whistles, color and a talkie! whoot!
  • C-the movie, Avengers: Age of Ulton, i am riding the wave of MASS popularity with being down with Marvel and the Avengers. it’s all because of Joss. i found him during the lean years, with only Dollhouse and a bit of Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. i know Buffy so i am prepared for the Darkness by Joss Whedon.
D, E, and might as well add an F to the mix for the 3 guys i’ll be with.
  • D-Matthew, we’ll be together for 5 years, friends for 14. we are totality opposites, fought, made up, still together. we may be LDRing it but we are still here.
  • E-Krazy, Coltrane, my DarkShark, Colt. foretold we would be friends, we’re connected in such a sick, twisted way, i’m still sorting it out. he’s gay but i am his girlfriend. we are soul bound until the end.
  • F-Jacob, tiny, small, Jacob. boyfriend to Colt, we’ve been txting and what not for the past month. very hard to accept that there is a guy who is excited to meet me, wants to meet me.
it’s when it all hit me, that this is a dream, a wild dream my 16 yr old self would never have thought would come true. i don’t even think i would have come up with something this awesome.
so, i’m living beyond my 16 yr old self dreams.
really, fuck anyone who says their high school years were the best years of their lives.

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