April 8, 2015

dear 16 year old younger self, part III

dear 16 yr old self,
it’s been a long time. let’s have a talk.
lots happen since the last letter. we are doing ok right now. things could be better but eh, roll with the punches.
we are gearing up for a fun filled weekend at the end of the month for Avengers. what was planned as an intimate date with your boyfriends (yes, we still have two) is now a double date.
you will be the only girl and only straight person in the group.
also, and what is weird, you will gain 100 lbs and feel sexier then you are now. it’s more about your attitude then the weight but, you will have boobs and an ass that will even make the gay boys shout.
also, you will become a skilled tarot card reader. your friends will want readings and even guys who don’t know you will be impressed. embraced this gift.
funny, how we liked the idea of witchcraft and paganism because of an female deity. we end up praying to the Hulk. i’m confused if he’s our favorite Avenger but he is our god. there is comfort in his prayer:

Hulk smash. 
Hulk smash now. 

Hulk ready to fight.
but gods know what Joss is doing to him in Age of Ultron.
but, back to the boys. i know, all you wanted was to be liked and accepted. that’s why we fell in love with Phantom so much. well, it’s hard to take in all the love you will get. i laugh and kid about the boys and dates, but really, they like you. they want to be with you. they talk you up so much that others that THEY can’t wait to meet you.
you are loved, and loved by many.
i know, it’s hard to take in, and even i still have problems with it. you think after that break down in August i would have gotten over it but no and i am derailing.
ok, so life is good right now. we are moving onto so much better things.
kid, we are going to be so fucking awesome we won’t be able to handle it. thankfully we have so many friends that will help us: Nicole, Matthew, Colt, and Shelby.
i’m gonna go have a cocktail and clean our room.
talk to you later,

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