March 3, 2015

my body is not ready

i did it. i went out and walked for a hair under 14 mins with a speed of almost 3 mph.
3 mph. damn if i can keep that up i’ll be unstoppable.
and i did 100 sit-ups on the ab lounger. they were sad but damn if i did not do them all!
Matthew is doing good. i’m hoping that he gets all B’s in his classes.
next week, i’ll be in the STL to see Phantom with Nicole and Matthew and i hope to see the penguins too.
Phantom, Nicole, penguins vrs Colt and Avengers; gods, which weekend is going to rock the most?
all this in a 2 month time span.
my body is not ready.
my body is not ready.
shout out to Shelby! as she watched her tag climbs up the ranks. she is my closest friend as she lives only one county over.

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